Website Development

All the bells and whistles to give you a fully successful and functional website

Website Design

Multiple pages created for one platform for users to congregate

Website Re-Design

Restructure website that you are tried of looking at or is in dire need of an upgrade

Domain Management

Set up & Connect Domains to Website ,Maintenance is also provided if needed.

APP Design

Design a fully functional and efficent application based on your topic of preference .

SEO Status

Monthly report update on current SEO related issues/reccommendations provided.

SEO Engineering

Create and implement solutions for SEO related issues

SEO Analysis

Quick SEO analysis on website, Social media for applications


Set up and install web-store along with creative Recommendations and implementations

E-Commerce Analysis

Analyze Potential web stores issues and provide recommendations

Competitive Analysis

A given report on the competitors in proximity of your industry of business

Data Analytics

Receive a breakdown of flow/types of data along with data visualizations in social media, websites web apps

Content Intergration

Design number of web pages

Social Media Analytics Intergrations

analyze data from social medias and implement/ recommend proper changes to ensure growth

Social Media Analytics Report

Given explanation of the status of Social Media along with gathered recommendations

Business Email

Create professional business email for you and your company

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